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当前版本 0.10.0 beta
插件大小 1.79MiB
所属分类 购物插件
更新时间 2022年12月27日
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Amzdrop(扩展包名:nnaigeljgbndmbbgblfooljplddofljg)由 开发,最新版本0.10.0 beta 于 2022年12月27日 更新。 Amzdrop 属于购物插件分类。

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This extension is an extremely useful tool f you to use with that new business you have been wanting to start!


With the AMZ Drop extension, you can always find the items you are looking f to sell in the future. Researching everything yourself is outdated  takes way too long.

Using AMZ Drop can help you beat out the competition by finding all items up to 3x faster!

AMZ Drop is a constantly evolving software program that will continue to grow  provide sellers with a great deal of 
help in this market. This extension is an extremely useful tool f you to use with that new business you have been 
wanting to start!

We are asked a lot by different users, “Do you add new features over time?” 
  YES! We love to hear feedback on the quality of our extension  any new ideas to help make it better is me than 
welcome here!
Also, all sellers want to know what features our extensions has.
  We break AMZ Drop features into 2 categies: Sales & Listings.

Sales Features Include: 
  Product Sales Recds – Completed research on how well items have sold in the past to determine if wth your time 
  Monthly Income & Sales Approximation – Estimates your approximate number of sales  the income from those sales.
  Item Profit Assessment – Designed to provide users with profit infmation of the selected item.
  Automated FBA Fee Calculation – Fulfilment fees calculated by extension.

Listings Features Include:
  BSR Recds – Updates of Best Seller Rank.
  Competit Stock Measurements – Continuous updates of stock levels f competits in the market.
  R&R Updates – Quick infmation on reviews  ratings from listings to use.
  Extensive Quality Sce Review f Listings – Specially designed feature to sce your listings based on fmulas 
from descriptions  other facts.
  Infmation on Lowest Seller Pricing – Comparisons of the lowest seller pricing(s).
  Intuitive Filtering of Data  Sting – Smart tech included to help you filter data how you want  sting to 
follow your needs.





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1.79MiB 城通网盘

Amzdrop(0.10.0 beta)

1.79MiB 城通网盘