Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU

Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU

Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU
Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU

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更新时间 2019年3月8日
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Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU插件简介

Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU(扩展包名:amamhphjnhlgdpjhfmnkikcingjfoeao)由 开发,最新版本2015.11.23 于 2019年3月8日 更新。 Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU 属于生产工具分类。

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Automatically load journal websites using Becker Lib. By Nick Semenkovich <[email protected]>Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU浏览器扩展插件属于生产工具分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

Auto Library Proxy Access for WashU插件描述

NOTE: This extension requires a WashU Becker  Lib account.

Tired of typing ""  "" when you visit scientific journals? This will automatically redirect your browser to the proxified URL! (You can also click the icon in your toolbar to manually redirect.)

If you have any bugs  issues, send me an email:
     Nick Semenkovich

======= Whats New =======

2015.11.23: Updated journal list
2015.7.8: Updated journal list.
2014.6.30: Additional netwk detection tweaks.
2014.6.27: Update netwk detection f BJC/BJH/WUCON. Update journals.
2014.6.6: Journal list update.
2014.5.10: Fix lancet breakage.
2014.5.4: New icon, update list, fix notifications.
2014.2.23: Updated journal list, min codebase tweaks.
v3.4.1: Exped user hints, updated journal list.
v3.3.9: Add hints (webkitNotifications) f users clicking when they shouldnt.
v3.2.0: Architectural change to use webNavigation API, updated journal list.
v2.5.0: Many security changes to suppt Chrome Manifest v2m, updated journal list.


You can file bugs at:

========= FAQ =========

* Q: What permissions does this need  why?
* A: This extension asks f two permissions that are the bare minimum required to determine if you are on  off campus  rewrite the URL. ("Your tabs  browsing activity" is required to use the chrome.tabs API, see:

* Q: How does this wk?
* A: When you visit a journal (e.g., the extension checks if its in a database of journals to automatically redirect through a . If so, we append ""  "," depending on the options you choose. If a journal you visit isnt in that database of automatic redirections, you can click the extensions icon to try to use a  anyway.

* Q: Why cant I access [my favite site  journal]? It never seems to wk.
* A: The libraries have their own whitelist of sites approved f their proxies (probably because of licensing/contractual obligations). Only whitelisted sites wk (f example, wont wk), so some journals cant be included. Sry!

* Q: What happens when I click on the icon?
* A: When you click on the icon, the extension will add ""  "" to the URL to route you through the . Nmally you shouldnt need to do this  only if Ive missed a journal that should be automatically routed through the . And keep in mind, it might not wk (see the above question), since the library might not allow that website using the .

* Q: Whats up with Pubmed? Why isnt it automatically redirected?
* A: Everything at the NCBI is in the public domain, so theres no reason to access it over the ! However, the first time you visit Pubmed perbrowser session, theres a tiny string appended to the url ("?holding=wustlmlib") that adds a "Get it at Becker!" link to many journals. F example, visit:

* Q: Why doesnt autoredirect?
* A: Its about the same as Pubmed  nothing at itself requires a subscription. If you really want the "Get it at Becker!" links, you can either click the extensions icon when you visit Google Scholar,  you can change your Scholar settings at:

* Q: Why doesnt autoredirect?
* A: All of cell.coms content is free  the PDFs  full text versions are served from (which /will/ autoredirect).

* Q: Is anything logged?
* A: Nmally, no. If, however, automatic redirection doesnt happen  you have to click the icon to redirect your browser, only the journal home page (e.g. is logged so I can add it to a list of available journals.

* Q: Can I opt out of logging?
* A: Yes! Simply go to the "Options" page of the extension  click "Opt Out." (F help finding the "Options" page, see: )

======== CODE ========
Please contribute!

Copyright 20112014, Nick Semenkovich 

Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE f details.

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