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Boxel Rebound插件简介

Boxel Rebound(扩展包名:iginnfkhmmfhlkagcmpgofnjhanpmklb)由 开发,最新版本1.8.0.0 于 2022年1月20日 更新。 Boxel Rebound 属于游戏娱乐分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Play over 50 levels of boxjumping madness! Design share your own levels.

Boxel Rebound插件描述

Boxel Rebound Pro Features:
+8 Player skins
+Unlimited uploads
+Unlimited downloads
+Cloud backups

*Your purchase includes free updates f life. Your license is automatically tied to your personal Google account. Simply sign in on any computer to synchronize your data.


Version  January 23, 2020
+Made level 4150 extra hard lol

Version  December 16, 2019
+Updated "Hurdle Hell" (Level 36) to be difficult again
+Updated resize block, it now resets speed blocks (credit: Lollipop)
+Fixed home page bug when pressing space bar (credit: Google A.I.)

Version  November 28, 2019
+Added new physics f arrow blocks (low gravity, high gravity, slowmo, fastmo)
+Added 10 new levels (50 total)

Version  November 20, 2019
+Added privacy policy to help you learn me about your data.

Version  November 18, 2019
+Optimize community levels page with new server cache system.
+Increased download/upload limit to encourage me submissions.

Version 1.6.0  November 12, 2019
+Added a new free skin  click the link on the extension popup,  community page f me info
+Increased perfmance f player skins. Vects are now cached properly.

Version  November 6, 2019
+Added tips to community levels
+Added cens f repted levels

Version  October 29, 2019
+Added user tokens to improve repting system.

Version  October 28, 2019
+Added "rept" button to help clean up the community levels.

Version 1.5.9  October 24, 2019
+Added game to community page to quickly try out other levels.

Version  October 24, 2019
+Added "easy"  "expert" filter to community page.

Version  October 23, 2019
+Added "completed" counter f community levels.

Version  October 23, 2019
+Added search box f level codes.
+Updated edit theme.

Version  October 22, 2019
+Added new "hot" filter to community page.
+Added col to map preview.

Version  October 21, 2019
+Added community page f recent  popular levels.

Version 1.5.8  October 21, 2019
+Updated level sharing database. Its super fast now.
+Updated level edit icons.

Version  October 17, 2019
+Added 4 new skins (kitty, doggo, mouse, birb)
+Added skins to pause menu (previously numbers)

Version  October 2, 2019
+Updated UI

Version  September 18, 2019
+Fixed "Fast Mode" not wking in "Fullscreen" mode.

Version 1.5.7  September 18, 2019
+Added "Fast Mode" option.

Version  June 25, 2019
+Experimenting with a speed option. No new features yet...

Version 1.5.6  May 18, 2019
+Added auto sync to pro accounts. High sces  custom level data will now automatically update on all your computers.

Version  May 13, 2019
+Fixed a bug that caused custom levels to disappear

Version 1.5.5  April 30, 2019
+Added 4 new custom skin options f Pro users

Version 1.5.4  April 12, 2019
+Added an option to download  upload level files (unlimited f free account)
+Increased default max custom levels to 3

Version 1.5  April 5, 2019
+Added Boxel Rebound Pro option. Pro players can now share/download an unlimited amount of levels with friends!

Version 1.4  April 3, 2019
+Added 10 new levels from hell!

Version  March 19, 2019
+Wking on new levels. Nothing new yet!

Version 1.3.8  March 19, 2019
+Add limits f uploads  downloads.

Version  March 9th, 2019
+Add Amazon promo to help pay f the server.

Version  March 1st, 2019
+Update level compression to UTF16 fmat

Version 1.3.5  February 28th, 2019
+Update font suppt f older machines

Version 1.3.3  February 27th, 2019
+Added LZString compression f level sharing. Our server has reached the monthly download limit, so this update should help prevent future downtimes.

Version 1.3.2  February 26th, 2019
+Updated soundtrack because the previous one was awful

Version 1.3.0  February 26th, 2019
+Added a message box f live updates from the developers

Version 1.2.9  August 7rd, 2018
+Updated points UI on home screen
+Updated player col to white on blue levels

Version 1.2.8  August 3rd, 2018
+Include data tracking

Version 1.2.7  July 18th, 2018
+Add total points to the top of home screen

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4.下载 Boxel ReboundChrome插件v1.8.0.0版本到本地。




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