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Dropship N Paste

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Dropship N Paste插件简介

Dropship N Paste(扩展包名:mhfkipjbjoggoibcnilbbhdmojekjico)由 开发,最新版本2.0.3 于 2020年3月10日 更新。 Dropship N Paste 属于生产工具分类。

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Automatically fills in buyers address at your supplier/dropship checkout.

Dropship N Paste插件描述

DropShip N Paste V2 helps automate the tedious task of copying  pasting a buyers shipping address from your dropship ders to the supplier checkout. Currently suppting over 80 suppliers, 11 Order Management software  native suppt f many me.  

If you sell on Amazon, eBay  Shopify  dropship from Walmart, Kmart, Amazon, Aliexpress, Jet, Lowes, Target, Wayfair  any one of the other 80+ suppliers we suppt it is time to start letting DropShip N Paste fill in your buyer addresses instantly. 

How much time does this tool actually save you? It takes the average dropshipper 4060 seconds to enter a buyers address manually. Using our tool it takes  26 seconds depending on how fast you can click one button. It automatically fills in the buyers complete address including phone number (which can be substituted f your own in Options)

So what are you waiting f? Start saving hundreds of dollars  hours of your time in your dropshipping business. 

UPDATE Sep 2019 Version 2 IS HERE!: We have updated the extension  now use Stripe f payments. If you already have a subscription through Chrome Webste Payments please cancel that here: https://pay.google.com/payments/u/0/home#subscriptionsAndServices

Then after installing this update you will be given the option to start a NEW free trial. Just remember the trial is valid f 14 days f one email. If you enter a new email your trial will end. 

Version 2 now suppts copying addresses from Amazon Seller Central both on Order page  main ders list page as well as suppt f adding notes from main ders list page.

If you have any issues using our tool please contact us at our website dropshipnpaste.com

If you have your own custom website  der management software  would like to use Dropship N Paste shoot us a email  we will try  add suppt f you. Checkout all the suppliers we suppt at DropShipNPaste.com

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4.下载 Dropship N PasteChrome插件v2.0.3版本到本地。




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