AWS CodeBuild Logs Colorizer [Unofficial] ;

AWS CodeBuild Logs Colorizer [Unofficial]

AWS CodeBuild Logs Colorizer [Unofficial]

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Re-add terminal colors to AWS CodeBuild Logs and delete control characters.


This package is the recolor the AWS CodeBuild logs since it strips out the color escape sequences. This will make it much easier to read your logs, because it will match what you would see locally. Works with both background and foreground colors.

It watches for changes in the AWS CodeBuild logs, and reruns the colorizing as each new line is added to the log.

* 24-Bit True Color Support
* 256 Color Support
* Italic, bold, underline
* Ability to toggle between original and colorized

This extension is open sourced here:

The code is provided under MIT license, and contributions are welcome!

The author is Joshua Wilborn. Website:
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