Azure Dashboard - Personal New Tab ;

Azure Dashboard - Personal New Tab

Azure Dashboard - Personal New Tab

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Install Azure Dashboard - make your Google Chrome experience convenient with visual bookmarks.


Azure Dashboard it's a fast and useful new tab page with all that you need to start browsing. Upgrade your Chrome home page with useful widgets, quick access to popular web services and awesome responsive layout. Our extension gives you a personal dashboard that helps you.

Azure Dashboard makes your new tab / homepage awesome! Customize your wallpaper and features from the Settings button at the bottom of your new tab page. Amazing features including:

- bookmarks - Easy to use pinbar for your favourite websites that can be found from the startpage. 
- sessions - Manage your sessions to speed up the browser working. Save opened tabs and restore them later at any time.  
- apps - Quick access to all Google and Youtube services, including games, music, emails and other tools from the new tab. Pin favorite apps and hide others in settings menu.
- toDo list -  Create reminders and tasks to never miss a thing. Be always in time with your busy schedule. 
- notes - Save important notes and keep them nearby on your home page.
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