CloakingVideo - Watch YouTube Subtly! ;

CloakingVideo - Watch YouTube Subtly!

CloakingVideo - Watch YouTube Subtly!

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Watch YouTube Videos Without Being Noticed By Nearby People


If you want to watch some entertaining YouTube videos near a boss or colleagues in workplaces, CloakingVideo might be the one you are searching for! CloakingVideo enables you to watch YouTube videos without being noticed by nearby people. Rather, CloakingVideo will make you look like you are watching work-related videos, like lecture videos.

(1) Turn off Ad Block Extensions, if you are using any in your Chrome browser.
(2) In, play any YouTube video (perhaps, a lecture video) that you want to pretend to watch.
(3) In the CloakingVideo's popup view, paste an URL of another YouTube video that you want to watch subtly.
(4) Click Watch Video! Button.
(5) The entered YouTube video will be shown as a video advertisement on the right side of the YouTube site.

CloakingVideo technique is based on a magic principle, called misdirection. A flame thrown from a magician’s hand, for example, strongly distracts the audience and keep them from seeing the secret tricks that take place simultaneously. Similarly, the more dominant YouTube video on the middle will misdirect the observers attention and make the entertaining video subtle by dressing it as a video advertisement.

* Sehi L'Yi, Kyle Koh, Jaemin Jo, Bohyoung Kim, and Jinwook Seo, CloakingNote: A Novel Desktop Interface for Subtle Writing Using Decoy Texts, 29th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium UIST 2016, October 16-19 in Tokyo, Japan, 473-481.
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