Daily 2.0 - Source for Busy Developers ;

Daily 2.0 - Source for Busy Developers

Daily 2.0 - Source for Busy Developers

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Replace your new tab with the latest trending dev news!


Daily is a dev news curator delivered to your new tab. It gathers articles from tens of different sources especially for you. Helping you to boost your knowledge.

“Daily is a way for me to stay on top of info that matters most to me. Think of it like Hacker News + Pocket without disrupting my flow” - Eric Berry, CodeFund
“the best curator of coding news, so be sure to check them out” - Trey Huffine, gitconnected

✨Featured in sitepoint, Softpedia, Better Programming, Prototypr, Reddit and Product Hunt!

Over 180 unique sources
Over 8k new posts every month
Over 190k unique clicks on posts every month
Over 16k bookmarks every month

?Hottest dev news are new tab away:
Discover new content as soon as it published
Simply open a new tab to enjoy
Customize by tags and sources to tailor the feed for your needs
Adjust the look & feel to boost your productivity
Bookmark your favorite posts to read later

?Access everywhere:
Sync your settings and bookmarks across different devices and browsers
Read your favorite posts on the go with our mobile version

?Open source forever:
We believe in transparency and giving back to the community, this is why we decided to publish the source code to GitHub
Report a bug, share your thoughts or even contribute
Everyone is welcome

?‍???‍?Not just an extension but a community
Twitter account which publishes every hour the most trending post
DEV profile with weekly picks and behind the scenes stories
GitHub repository with fruitful and active discussions

?Permissions explained

New tab - To make sure you can enjoy the awesome content we curate easily, Daily overrides the new tab settings.

Most frequently visited websites (optional) - An optional permission to show quick access to your frequently visited websites. None of this information is collected or stored by us.

✉️Get in touch

Website https://www.dailynow.co/
Email contact@dailynow.co
GitHub https://github.com/dailynowco/daily
Twitter https://twitter.com/dailynowco
Blog https://dev.to/dailynowco

Made by developers for developers ❤️
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