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GUI for Elasticsearch Mappings


[Note: Majority of gem's features are now available in dejavu. You can get that from here - ]

GEM is a GUI for creating and managing an Elasticsearch index's data structure mappings. ES Mappings provide an immutable interface to control how data is stored internally within Elasticsearch and how queries can be applied to it.

Mappings allow deciding things like:

* Should a field with value '2016-12-01' be treated as a date or as a text field?  

* Should 'San Francisco' be stored as an analyzed text field to then run full-text search queries against it, or should it be kept non-analyzed for an aggregations use-case?  

Should 'loc': ['40.73', '-73.9'] be stored as Object or should it have a geopoint datatype.

GEM takes this a step further by providing an on-the-fly mapping inference based on user provided input data.

Key Features:

1. Create data mappings with an on-the-fly auto inferencing capability.
2. Managing all the current data mappings with an option to see the raw JSON data.
3. Importing new data analyzers to be later associated with field mappings.

Built with React ^15.1.0.
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