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Gruveo Instant Connect

Gruveo Instant Connect

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Easily generate Gruveo links for free, secure video calls


Make free and secure video calls with your clients, colleagues and business partners around the world by simply sharing a Gruveo call link with them. Gruveo Instant Connect lets you easily create a call room and then send the room link to the other person for a quick video, voice or screen sharing call.

With Gruveo Instant Connect, you can...

• Create a call room with one click
• Automatically copy the room link to share it with the other person
• Effortlessly add the call event to your calendar
• Insert the room link into any text box, e.g. Facebook or your favorite messaging app

Gruveo Instant Connect now improves browser call notifications by making them work in the background as well as adding a proper ringing sound to them. Learn more about receiving incoming calls in Gruveo:

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