Requestly: Modify Headers, Mock API, Redirect ;

Requestly: Modify Headers, Mock API, Redirect

Requestly: Modify Headers, Mock API, Redirect

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Intercept & Modify HTTP(s) Requests - Modify Headers, Mock APIs, Throttle APIs, Insert Scripts, Block APIs/JS/CSS, Redirect URLs etc


Requestly allows you to modify network requests. Main features include:

**Modify URL of the request**
Requestly allows you to modify the url of ongoing request and you can change the url to something else. Common examples include

- Setting up Redirects (eg, -> 
- Creating URL shortcuts (e.g. Type j-1 in address bar will open
- Switching Hosts (All requests for should go to
- Block websites (e.g. Block social media websites to stay productive)
- Modify some part of URL (be it host, path, query parameters etc)
- Stay way from time killing sites. Setup rules like when source contains or then redirect to StackOverflow and do some geeky stuff.
- Test your JS running in production environment. Simply redirect your JS from prod to JS from your local setup box and test if your fix/code actually works in production site. 

**User Scripts**
- Run scripts on website and customize the web pages you want
- Support your script with popular libraries like jQuery and underscore.
- Use FileHosting service to upload long scripts and get a URL to be used in your websites or Requestly rules
- Very similar to GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey user scripts

**File Hosting (Library Service)**
- Host JS/CSS Files and use the URLs inside Requestly rules. No need to setup local server

** Modify Headers**
- - Modify HTTP Request & Response headers (Extremely helpful for web developers for debugging applications)

** Modify User Agent**
- Setup different user agents for websites and test how they behave
- Useful for web developers for testing cross-device compatibility

**Additional Features**
- Deactivate the extension when you don't need it.
- Enable/Disable the rules with just single click
- Export and import the rules and maintain a backup for your rules (They are important, you will know)
- Share Rules with other Users in one click
- Browser Sync is enabled so you create/change your rules in one browser and the changes will automatically be reflected in another.
Additionally, Requestly provides a very user friendly interface to setup your rules. You can toggle a rule with a single click. No need to delete a rule when you don't need it. Just make that inactive and activate it later whenever you need it again.

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20.3.16Requestly:-Redirect-Url,-Modify-Headers-etc3.1MiB 城通网盘