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Search Privacy Hider

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Remove search cookies and history so big tech companies can’t track you and your search terms.


Search Privacy Hider automatically removes cookies each time you submit a search query to Google (Youtube, Amazon, etc. to come), so Google can’t track what you have searched and thereby can’t target you with Google Ads. 

It is like using the Incognito mode but with all your regular bookmarks, history, and extensions still available. Searches are still encrypted between your computer and the search engine you use. Search Privacy Hider doesn’t redirect or meddle with your search results. 

*Search Privacy Hider also doesn’t have any backend or servers, so there’s no where to send or store information it has access to. It is a strictly locally-run browser extension. This means you can rest assured that using this tool isn’t going to introduce any new complexities. 


1. Normally, each search query you send to any search engine contains cookies that are specific and identifiable to you. So search engines know what you have searched, how frequently you search something. 
2. With these information, services like Google Ads can target you with ads that are related to your searches anywhere that uses Google Ads to monetize web traffic. 
3. By removing the cookies in each search query, search engine only knows a query is coming in but doesn’t know who requested it. This way, your search terms can’t be traced back to you and therefore your privacy is protected. 
4. VERIFY with Google’s own activity monitor to see if any search term has been logged:


Anyone who
1. doesn’t want their search terms to be traced back to them. 
2. doesn’t want to use the Incognito mode but still wishes to stay private when using Google. 
3. doesn’t want to use another so-called encrypted search engine that messes around with their search results by injecting new ads
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