Tab Switcher with Wheel ;

Tab Switcher with Wheel

Tab Switcher with Wheel

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Switch tabs with mouse wheel.


I got tired of selecting a tab using the mouse cursor.
So I created this extension.

You can switch tabs using the right-click and mouse wheel.
Just scroll the mouse wheel while pressing right-click.

Directions (left/right) can be changed depending on the setting.
By turning "Infinite switching" option on, tab switching does not stop at the last tab.
To open the settings popup, please pin this extension and click the icon.

This extension does not work on chrome options/extension tabs and pages starting with file://.
And If the web page has iFrame on it, this extension may not work properly.

-Change Log
v0.5.2 fixed minor bugs.
历史版本 (如何离线安装?)在线小游戏
0.5.2Tab-Switcher-with-Wheel18.87KiB 城通网盘