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Watch YouTube with friends.


!!! ATTENTION !!! 
It is currently important that google chrome is FULLY restarted before the seeking functionality of the extension will work. After the extension has been installed navigate your browser to chrome://restart for a full restart of google chrome.


Use WeTube to play a YouTube video simultaneously with another computer. Useful for watching videos or listening to music with another person over a video call. 

How to Use:
Open a YouTube tab and you will find a WeTube Icon in your search bar. Click the icon and enter a username. You will then need to enter a user ID and Key of the target computer. If you have multiple YouTube tabs open right click anywhere on the one you want to share and use the WeTube context menu to share that tab.

Planned Features: 
-Connect to multiple users
-Allow user to choose what parts of video should be shared (Audio, playspeed, videosize)
-Share entire YouTube page

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