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World weather online®

World weather online®

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Global weather forecast and weather content provider.


This is the official extension of World Weather online ( ).

► What is the functionality?
This extension shows you Weather condition in your city together with 7 day forecast wrapped in elegant and simple design.

► Current location recognition
Right after the installation the extension will automatically know where are you now and it will set the location you are at as a default. You can also change the default location in the settings.

► Multiple locations supported
There is no limit in adding more location. For example you go on a vacation and you still want to know what the weather conditions back at home are. Just set add you vacation location as a default and easily switch between the other places.

► Past weather
You can take a look on weather all the way to the year of 2008. There are some interesting data there.

► Search by city/town name, airport codes, zip code.

► Live search

► API info

► Language localization 
With English, Russian, German, Spanish

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