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Watch Youtube remotely with friends!


Want to experience Youtube videos with your remote friends, but you realize that sharing your screen is not that great? 
In two clicks, YouSync connects you to your friends and colleagues to watch videos together, at the same time. 
Click on Start and enjoy the ride!

Instructions :

- A host can open a room as soon as he is on a Youtube page.
- The host can either use the provided room name or define one with a minimum of 5 characters.
- A guest can connect to a room only if a host previously opened it, by entering the same room name.
- When the host disconnects or closes the active Youtube tab, all the guests are automatically disconnected but the current playing video is not affected


This is the first version of this application, feel free to give us any comment to improve it.
The video can be 0.5-1s delay between the host and guests.
This extension currently does not support paid videos or movies.
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