FoxBound DataScout - B2B Email Finder

FoxBound DataScout - B2B Email Finder

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FoxBound DataScout - B2B Email Finder插件简介

FoxBound provides an arsenal of prospecting tools to create a single platform for smarter pipeline generation.

FoxBound DataScout - B2B Email Finder插件描述

To make list-building easy and practical, reps use DataScout to harness social media and discover B2B contact data & valid email addresses.

After locating your target prospects, push Contacts to Salesforce or HubSpot and enroll your prospects in sales campaigns with FoxBound Pursuit. 

Curious if DataScout is a fit for you? It is if you’re:

In need of a way to leverage your social network to build segmented lists of target prospects.

Concerned with the negative effects of poor data quality on their prospecting efforts.

Frustrated by the inefficiencies of outdated, manual methods for finding & creating new Contacts.

Fed up with spending time on admin work instead of investing energy in sourcing & progressing pipeline.

Tired of overpaying for sales tools that aren't simply aren't delivering the results they're looking for.

Behind the scenes of FoxBound is a team of former sales reps & leaders who've combined to sell over $21M in software & services over the last 9 years. Now, we're relentlessly focused on breaking the mould left by the now-legacy sales enablement providers we used earlier in our careers.

Our game-plan? Simple:

Create & ship best-in-class prospecting tools.. AND

Make our technology accessible to growth-oriented reps across all startups & enterprises.

Produce and release practical, actionable content to help our fellow reps advance their careers (and add extra zeroes to the bank account).

Provide world-class support to customer care for our sales community.

Above all - deliver the market's leading workflow for orchestrating & executing your prospecting strategy with list-building, sales automation, and personalization.

So whether you're a sales veteran or you're new to the game, we promise we built FoxBound with you in mind. Since you're here, download DataScout to propel your list-building. If you need an account, you can sign up for free access at

And if you're looking for a full-access, paid plan? You can view all options at

Welcome to the team :)

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