Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc

Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc

Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc
Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc
Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc
Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc
Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc
Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc

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当前版本 2.48
插件大小 2.21MiB
所属分类 开发者工具
更新时间 2023年2月26日
开发者 jiraassistant.com
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Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc插件简介

Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc(扩展包名:momjbjbjpbcbnepbgkkiaofkgimihbii)由 jiraassistant.com 开发,最新版本2.48 于 2023年2月26日 更新。 Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc 属于开发者工具分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Help to track & upload wk done on a Jira Ticket on timely basis generate Wklog, Sprint other custom repts.

Jira Assistant: Worklog, Sprint report, etc插件描述

Visit https://www.jiraassistant.com f me details.

Youtube videos with features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLxDBQLgpBhsDGppYrDqARYULukk7XFJPV&v=HsWq7cT3Qq0

Features Overview:
* Easily add wklog with drag & drop, copy features.
* Bulk impt wklogs  issues
* View various repts related to wklog, sprint, estimates  custom generated rept.
* Integrate with calendar to automatically generate wklog f meetings with single click.
* Lots of customization options including custom dashboards, Quick view, personalized skin & other settings.
* Integrate with multiple Jira server / account  switch  instances easily.

F browsers other than chrome  rept any issues / suggestions  f additional details check: https://www.jiraassistant.com

* Create multiple dashboard of your own
* Add gadgets to your dashboards  customize it
* Change the layout of the dashboard to personalize the look
* Custom Gadgets  Add your repts to dashboard as gadgets
* Share repts  gadgets  Share the gadget / repts built by you with others.
* Drag  drop to rearrange the der of your gadgets

Calendar / Wklog:
* Helps to easily log  upload wk against a Jira Ticket  display it in calendar fmat.
* Help track missing  pending wklog f individual days.
* Copy existing wklog.
* Drag  drop wklog to change date & time. Press Alt key while drag  drop to copy the wklog to target.
* Integrate with Google / Outlook Calendar to automatically generate wklog f meetings. (Currently not wking as of v2.35)

Bulk Impt:
* Bulk impt wklog / issues by uploading CSV files.

Expt any repts  grid in CSV, Excel  PDF fmats.

* Customize what should be displayed when clicking on JA icon in browser
* Show either customized list of menu, directly launch any selected page  show a dashboard in small popover.

* Multiple new skins were available to personalize the look  feel.

*  Link Jira group  create multiple groups  add your team members to appropriate groups
* Use these groups with other repts
* Set different timezone f individual user  group  use that time zone while generating wklog rept.

Wklog rept:
* View daywise rept f selected group of users  customize f different timezone f a selected date range.
* View user project wise summary of all wklogs.
* Filter the data to be fetched with custom JQL.

Sprint rept:
* View rept based on sprint  expt it to excel with multiple tabs.
* Display velocity chart using line graph

Estimate vs Actual rept:
* View Estimate vs Actual rept based on users wk log details.
* Estimate can be either sty point based  estimated hours based.
* Repts can be viewed f individual project(s)  individual ticket(s)  mix of both.

Custom rept:
* Generate repts with custom fields / fmat, based on custom filters.
* Use custom expressions to fmat/display the data.

Advanced rept builder (currently in BETA):
* A rept builder component which enables the user to develop custom rept with multiple options.

Other Features:
* Show notification  launch meeting url based on configuration (need to be configure in settings page).
* Remind you to log wk on daily basis using chrome notification (need to be configure in settings page).
* Notify you f the new comments added in Jira (only your tickets  comments tagged to you)
* Rich  easy user interface.

Youtube video to help you setup: https://www.youtube.com/embed/HsWq7cT3Qq0?rel=0&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&cc_load_policy=1

If you like this tool please consider donating us: https://paypal.me/shridhartl

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