Lead Connect | Outreach Platform

Lead Connect | Outreach Platform

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Lead Connect | Outreach Platform插件简介

With smart messaging cadence, Unlimited Hubspot & Email Finder Integrations

Lead Connect | Outreach Platform插件描述

The 'Lead Connect | Outreach Platform' browser extension is not endorsed or certified by LinkedIn. All LinkedIn(tm) logos and trademarks may displayed on this tool are property of LinkedIn only.  

What's new:
- Hubspot Integration: Gives option to select Contact Owner
- First degree Sequences now also sends more details in hubspot
- Added Zapier as a step in sequence which will give end user more ways to integrate with other services.
- Under the hood enhancements for better performance.  
- Now user can track each prospect, system will show exactly at what stage prospect is, more data means more value can be derived from reports.  

⭐  Best Alternative to Jetbuzz.io /ulinc

Add thousands targeted contacts, Sequential messaging (Cadence) and HubSpot Integration 
⭐ Our HubSpot Integration has no limit on no of messages synced per contact
Read more here: https://leadconnect.io/features/
Lead Connect is new age lead generation tool/extension. The smart way to build business and start effective sales unlike dux-soup or Linked Helper. 
⭐ Lead connect works flawlessly with Sales Navigator as well.
With this tool you can schedule a campaign/cadence: 
✔️1) Send connection request to targeted audience with a customized message. You can use place holders like {first name}, {last name}, {full name} and {company name} to customize connection message. 
✔️2) Schedule a follow-up message after defined time interval to be sent out after connection is accepted. 
✔️3) Setup multiple follow-ups until response is received.
✔️ 4) On Acceptance Log Current and all future activity to Hubspot

IMP:  As soon as response is received no other follow-up will be sent.  
You can use our tool for free with 5 requests per day and 15 messages per day. If you want to send more request you have to select from any of our Pro Plans. Pricing can be found on https://leadconnect.io/pricing/
For more information, please visit https://leadconnect.io.

✔️ Signup for Free Account: https://leadconnect.io/signup/

Why Choose Lead Connect? 
Lead Connect is one of the best Prospecting tools for outreach. To grow at a rocket speed in this era of technology one has to implement smart tools. 
Lead connect can be used as better alternative to Linked Helper, Dux-soup , linkedhub, linkdomata etc.
✔️ Team Security: 
- With our team sync feature you can make sure your multiple accounts are not approaching same lead for similar campaign, avoid repetitive work and confusion. 

✔️ Templates:
-  You can save templates to be used in any campaign and easily use them within the tool. 

✔️ Reports: 
- Reports lets you determine how many requests you have sent how many have been accepted. 

✔️ CRM Integrations:
- Connect prospects to HubSpot and automate tedious sales tasks.
- Save profile to HubSpot with one-click.

✔️ Email Finder:   
- We integrate with Find That Lead, Email Hunter, toofr, Any Mail Finder and others. 
- Our Prospect section lets you find the email addresses at once with a click of button. 

- Auto withdrawal of requests
- Individual control of Followups 

Get in Touch with: 
Web Site: https://leadconnect.io/
Email: support@leadconnect.io
Team Lead Connect

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