Lowest Priced Book

Lowest Priced Book

Lowest Priced Book

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更新时间 2018年2月12日
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Lowest Priced Book插件简介

Lowest Priced Book(扩展包名:jmldlahpemfkknnfmnfflbhjhddggefb)由 lowestpricedbook.com 开发,最新版本0.0.0.192 于 2018年2月12日 更新。 Lowest Priced Book 属于购物插件分类。

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Automatically find the best prices on books as you browse! Search hundreds of online book retailers in a flash

Lowest Priced Book插件描述

Get a small notification when we find low offers on the books you are browsing. Save tons of time when shopping f the best price on your next book with our super fast book price comparison engine!

Save hundreds on college textbooks, novels, autobiographies, howtos, manga  me! Everything from cookbooks to coling books. Get a small alert on the bottom of your page that gives you a quick view of other offers f the book edition you are looking at.

Perfect f book online arbitrage!

This extension doesnt wk on every single book page online, however will show up on most. Not all sites show these particular identifiers. We do this by checking f unique identifiers f books on whatever page you are visiting. This does not effect your browsing experience because it happens after everything is loaded  a very small app. 

By installing this you will get a small, closable popup on the bottom of your window. This may pop up anywhere our app finds book identifiers. By installing this app you agree to seeing this app on occasions  can close it at anytime.

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