One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool

One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool

One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool
One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool

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更新时间 2020年2月28日
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One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool插件简介

One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool(扩展包名:jamlaodjfcgbaoanocoidcmjhpciolkk)由 开发,最新版本1.5.7 于 2020年2月28日 更新。 One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool 属于社交通讯分类。

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The easiest way f lead generation using LinkedIn. Find, reach engage with thouss of potential customers in one click.

One2Lead - LinkedIn Automation Tool插件描述

Chrome extension One2Lead f lead generation in LinkedIn allows you to target your prospects just in one click. Build your netwk  send bulk messages with a highly personalized approach.
Just install it to your Chrome browser  start your first prospecting campaign.

Solution specially designed f:
 Sales Reps.
 Startup owners

Key features:
 Send bulk, but highly personalized invitations
 Accelerate your leadqualification process
 Create highly personalized automatic outreach to your target audience
 Enable followups to nurture your current customers
 Create a microtargeted outreach campaign by uploading your own list of profiles
 Manage your prospects. Copy, replace, create conditional messaging
 Track efficiency of your campaign based on received data
 Stay safe. We use algithms to emulate your daily activity, so, it’s safe to use
 Wks with a free LinkedIn account, can be used without Sales Navigat/Recruiter
 Expt/Impt your data. Stay up to date with your leads

Let One2Lead scale your efficiency, generate thouss of leads from LinkedIn, while you stay focused on growing your business  closing deals.
Lead generation has never been so easy :)

Have a question/got an issue? Please, send us an email:

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