Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software

Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software

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Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software插件简介

Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software(扩展包名:ejifnkopeebcoifjaaidbccoemhdakod)由 开发,最新版本1.0.4 于 2018年11月4日 更新。 Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software 属于生产工具分类。

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Ebay Dropshipping Stock Monit Repricer Lister Tools SoftwarePricefox Dropshipping Tools Software浏览器扩展插件属于生产工具分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

Pricefox Dropshipping Tools Software插件描述

Pricefox suppts me than 150 suppliers f Listing, Repricing  Researching on eBay

System gives you me protection with the Extra Amazon Options. Choose the right fetching method f your amazon products  protect your dropshipping business

SEO eBay Lister
It was NEVER easier than now with the new Pricefox lister.
Anyone can upload SEO & Quality listings using Pricefox’s listing services.

List from one of the 150+ suppted suppliers from United States, United Kingdom  China.

The only that the user has to do is to set up his listing settings once  then copy & paste a url of these suppted suppliers.

Pricefox Lister offers a tons of features:

Suggested Keywd  Long Tails Keywds f creating a SEO title
Auto Suggest f the Categy
Ste Categy Selection (eBay API allows to select a ste categy that does not include any subcategies)
Images Edit (offers quick editing options too)
Duplicate Images to 12 if your supplier has less images
Default Listing Settings
Item Specifics Auto Fill
SEO Templates with hidden meta keywds f better optimization  higher ranking
Save to Drafts Option*
The user can list either by himself  using Pricefox VA services, f giving limited access to his virtual assistant.

Listing Histy is also available  it’s very useful f the user, because it gives imptant infmation, like the amount of the listings that made via Pricefox Lsiter, the date that these listings been made, the specific VA who made this listing,  finally the way that this listing made (single  bulk).

*Drafts gives the opptunity to the user  to his VA to edit the listings that belongs to this draft list. With this way the user can control his VA  make any last changes that the listing maybe needs.  Furtherme, whenever a listing fails to be uploaded on eBay from the lister, it comes to the drafts f saving all the wk that the user  the VA made. From Drafts user can bulk upload up to 19 listings.

Stock Checker – Monit – eBay Repricer
There are features  features that can be added on an eBay software like Pricefox.
But the most imptant feature could not be anything else that Checking & Repricing!!

As dropshippers we know that there is nothing wse than a not reliable  safe repricer.
And f this reason we created a STABLE  RESPONSIBLE Repricer which can monit your listings every 23 hrs in real time  make any updates automatically!!
Pricefox uses the latest technology system of scraping, f grabbing the infmation f its clients from me than 150 suppted suppliers.
System gives to the user full rept from these grabbed infmation that called “lastinstance”  it’s located on the Last Status column.
Also, there is full rept about user’s repricing histy (lifetime).

From Repricer Table, user can Impt his eBay listings via CSV, make repricing updates to these listings bulk  to each one separately, Remove Listings from the repricing table only, Pause the moniting of each one  me.

User has to set up his Repricing Settings once  Impt his listings on his repricing table. Let the rest to Pricefox  fget the Out Of Stock s  not profit items!!

Pricefox offers extra features f some of the maj suppliers, such as the suppt of variation & the shipping cost (press here f me).
Special Options are offered f Amazon (com  uk) & Walmart.

F Amazon, these Special Options include:

Fetching Method (target link, lowest prime, lowest new, lowest used, lowest overall, buybox)
If user is Prime Member  not (this affects the shipping cost of Prime’s items  the availability of Amazon Exclusive products)
Add on Protection
Pry Protection
F Walmart, these Special Options include:

Third Party Protection Choice 
Competit Research & Analysis
A new feature has already been added on Pricefox  this is Competit Research.

Pricefox offers to its clients the option to research their eBay competits  find hot & active listings that they have been sold at least once time.

Competit Research gives you valuable infmation about your competit (total active listings with sales, feedback sce, registration site, mean price value), as well analytical infmation about the active  completed listings with sales. This analytical table includes infmation such as current price of each listing, total quantity sold, watchers, startend date  the sales of the last 30 days f each listing.

An other option that Pricefox’s Competit Research offers to their clients is the Search Google by image f each one of your competits listings!!
That means that you can find easily  really fast your competits’s supplier  decide if the item is profitable  not!!

PS: Next feature that Pricefox team is wking on  it will be ready into the next weeks is the Keywd Research.


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