Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API

Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API

Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API
Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API
Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API
Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API
Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API

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Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API插件简介

Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API(扩展包名:mdnleldcmiljblolnjhpnblkcekpdkpa)由 开发,最新版本22.9.24 于 2022年9月24日 更新。 Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API 属于开发者工具分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Intercept & Modify HTTP(s) Requests Modify Headers, Mock APIs, Redirect URLs, Insert Scripts, Block APIs/JS/CSS, Throttle APIs etc

Requestly: Modify Headers | Redirect,Mock API插件描述

🚀 Most Popular developer tool f frontend developers & QAs to debug web applications  Intercept, Modify & Debug netwk requests. Used by over 150,000+ web developers in 1000+ ganizations. 

Requestly brings the power of Charles Proxy directly to the browser with a simple interface, collabation capabilities & active suppt. Here are some top features

🔀 Set up redirects (Switch Environment e.g. Prod to Staging)
✍️ Modify API Response (Fixed Response  Programmatic Override)
🚀Add, Remove  Modify Request & Response Headers
🐞 HighQuality bug repting with Video, console logs, netwk logs,  env details
💻 Inbuilt Mock Server
🌐 Insert external Javascript & CSS on any website
⏰ Block & Throttle Requests

🔀 Redirect URLs, Change Host, Modify Query Params (Map Remote)
    ▪️ Use dev/staging APIs in production sites & test local changes without deployment
    ▪️ Debug remote Javascript by loading locally running JS in production sites
    ▪️ Switch Hosts (e.g.* to*)
    ▪️ Debug Ad Tracking Pixels, Debug A/B Test Campaigns, etc
    ▪️ Remote Debugging with Requestly on Production sites 
📌 Demo Video

🚀 Modify Headers  Add/Remove/Update request  response Headers
    ▪️ It can be used to hle CORS Issues in your application
    ▪️ Add / Remove / Modify ContentSecurityPolicy, XFrame Options, XFwardedF, Authization, AccessControlAllowOrigin, mimetype, useragent headers, etc
    ▪️ Manage cookies in the response headers
    ▪️ Conditional URL targeting f header modifications
    ▪️ Selenium Integration

✍️ Mock API Response  XMLHttpRequest (XHR) & Fetch Requests
    ▪️ Define Custom Response f your APIs requested by XHR/fetch
    ▪️ Code hler to modify the API response
    ▪️ Wks with graphQL APIs
    ▪️ Simulate fake HTTP Status Code f APIs
    ▪️ Simulate bad API responses  test different err paths in your frontend code
📌  Demo Video –

🐞 HighQuality bug repting with Video, console logs, netwk logs & env details attached
    ▪️ Get quality bug repts from QAs, Customer Suppt & other nontechnical people
    ▪️ Never deal with asking Steps to Reproduce
    ▪️ Attach the session recding link in Jira Tickets, Emails,  Slack anywhere
    ▪️ Improve debugging experience by 10x
📌  Demo Video –

⏰ Delay/Throttle Netwk Requests  API Requests, JS, CSS, etc
    ▪️ Suppts delay in both XHR & fetch based API requests 
    ▪️ Delay API requests to test the loading experience of your app 
    ▪️ Test different race conditions in your applications, you can delay a script by some milliseconds
    ▪️ Test the behavi of your app when one  me APIs respond slow (API Latency has gone up)

🌐 Insert Scripts to any Webpage like TamperMonkey  GreaseMonkey Scripts
    ▪️ UserScripts are simple javascript, CSS code that can change the layout of a page, add  remove new functionality  content,  automate actions.
    ▪️ Use File Hosting service to upload long scripts  Inject them using Script Rule
    ▪️ Inject your JS tags on potential customers sites  test your features
    ▪️ The sales/product team can use this to demo the product directly on the prospect’s website (10x engaging demo)
📌  Demo 

🛑 Block requests  Websites by matching keywds  URL criteria
    ▪️ Block internal & external Scripts/APIs & test the impact on your websites
    ▪️ Build your own custom blocker: Block URLs matching a particular pattern  Could be Ads, Tracking pixels, Images, etc

🦄 Additional Features 
    ▪️ Deactivate the extension when you dont need it. 
    ▪️ Enable/Disable the rules with just a single click  
    ▪️ Expt  impt the rules  maintain a backup f your rules
    ▪️ Easy collabation with others. Share Rules with other Users in one click
    ▪️ Browser Sync is enabled so you create/change your rules in one browser  the changes will automatically be reflected in another. 
    ▪️ Manage your rules in different groups
📌  Demo

🏡 Website
📖 Documentation  
🥷 Suppt
💻 Desktop App
📳 Open Source Android Debugger
    📌 Demo –

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