SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod,  Bots

SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots

SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod,  Bots

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SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots插件简介

SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots(扩展包名:cpbghpalffgmgocmnigfhalghmaemffo)由 开发,最新版本6.6 于 2020年6月21日 更新。 SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots 属于游戏娱乐分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
The Wlds Best Mod Zoom Extension! Hundreds of custom skins! Skin Creat!SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots浏览器扩展插件属于游戏娱乐分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots插件描述

The Mods  SlitherPlus is a script that modifies the (slither io).


Version 6.0
Can customise snake antenna! FREE BOTS!

SlitherPlus MOD Lastest Updates
illuminati, pink sheep, venom extreme skins added [5.9.0]
garfield, sonic, pink panther, smurf skins added [5.9.0]
soldier, rome soldier, rome shield skins added [5.9.0]
tazmania, avatar airbender, south park, chaki, minion, shrek, frankenstein, th skins added [5.9.0]
sonic 2, garfield 2, mike, sulley skins added & some mini fixs. [5.9.0]

This extension now adds additional skins in the game In the future releases, SlitherPlus will allow generating custom skins. Meanwhile, you can use several predefined skins. All skins from this extension can be only seen by users of this extension.

 Trail/Draw Mode Added!

This features allows f a client side trail of food, meaning, that other players can not see it. This can be used f fun purposes. Press F to toggle  G to change cols  H f size  J f crazy mode

 Country Flag Skins
• Team Logo Skins
• Create your Skins
• Mouse zoom in , zoom out control
• See your current X/Y Position
• See your FPS
• See your Best Sce
• Connect with your friends to same server
• Direct connect server list
• Auto Nick  Settings Saving
 Use your mouse to zoom in  zoom out
 You know your current position.
 Track your FPS with the FPS counter
 Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address.
 Connect to your friends’ IP  play together.
 Owning a lowend system? No wries. The plain background makes it compatible with  any system.
 Glow also lessened to suppt low end systems.
 Choose your own graphic mode compatible with your system.
 Play with friends (direct connect to the servers)
 Saving nick  settings.
 Selecting a Server.
 Toogle Snake Skin Rotat New!
 Background Changer New!
 Respawn [ESC] New!
 Live Update! New!
 Toggle HUD  [TAB] New!
 New UI
 All permission, bugs  issues fixed!

The mod is a script that modifies the (slither io) client that rarely needs updating,  doesnt contain any cheats. This was iginally a Tampermonkey script, but we created an extension f ease of access. 

You can disable the mod to play nmally by clicking the Logo in the right side of the address bar.

If you are feeling a little bit mean, you can choose to take the unfair path  choose to modify your game with hacks  advantages. This way, it is easier f you to win, at the cost of other players! No need to have skill, you just install hacks  voila! Easier to see players f example, by zooming out. This way, you see them earlier than they see you,  this gives you an advantage.

If you are looking Mods "slither io" "slitherio" f modifications of the game, which aid you in playing, but do not give you an unfair advantage, you can check out this categy. Here are things such as graphics quality mods, connect with friends mods  background changers  me skins. Without giving you an unfair advantage, they are nice modifications to the game, so check it out!

Go to f me info.

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SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, Bots插件离线安装方法




4.下载 SlitherPlus - Zoom, Skin Creator, Mod, BotsChrome插件v6.6版本到本地。






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