Stop Autoplay for Youtube™

Stop Autoplay for Youtube™

Stop Autoplay for Youtube™
Stop Autoplay for Youtube™

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Stop Autoplay for Youtube™插件简介

Stop Autoplay for Youtube™(扩展包名:figkapeodjhdgnpiamleongcmecfjccb)由 开发,最新版本4.1.0 于 2017年12月26日 更新。 Stop Autoplay for Youtube™ 属于社交通讯分类。

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Eases your YouTube™ experience through stopping the autoplay. This version doesnt automatically start Videos.

Stop Autoplay for Youtube™插件描述

If you have ever opened a bunch of videos in the background, you will know how annoying it is when they all start playing automatically.

With this extension you will never have to wry about videos auto playing in the background. Plus, they will auto buffer, so no annoying loadspinner.

*Note*: This does not wk with playlists, as YouTube™ itself offers an option to disable auto playing the next video f those!

Difference to "Stop Autoplay f Youtube™ Extended":
This extension here does not play videos automatically.
However, it doesnt stop auto play when you have the tab in feground (so it doesnt annoy when watching a few videos in a row).

Changes: Fixes not stopping on Channel pages  prevents stopping the video when the internet connection is slow
4.0.6: Fixes stopping when seeking / clicking play f the first time
4.0.5: This version fixes the "Video automatically plays when switching to the tab". I am sry that this didnt wk crectly.
4.0.4: Right click on YT Video > Loop is now suppted.
4.0.3: Fixes an issue, where videos would automatically stop playing on tab focus; Fixes: Prevents stopping fastfward (Thanks f the bug rept!)
4.0: Updated with fixes, higher perfmance  to counter an experiment by Youtube™ which automatically plays the video.

Official Firefox version: https://addons.mozilla.g/en/firefox/addon/stopautoplayyoutube/

This Extension is OpenSource on GitHub:

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