Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!

Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!

Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!
Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!
Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!
Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!
Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!

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更新时间 2020年2月27日
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Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!插件简介

Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!(扩展包名:hpplgjkooibhfkmmepoikcjpadcojcik)由 开发,最新版本0.0.0.16 于 2020年2月27日 更新。 Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs! 属于游戏娱乐分类。

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Fill your new tabs with cool planets. Turn your new tabs into a universe!Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!浏览器扩展插件属于游戏娱乐分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

Tabiverse - Space & Planets in New Tabs!插件描述

????Get a rom planet, star, gas giant,  asteroid in every new tab
????A hud that shows the current date, time,  planet info
????Share your planet codinates with your friends so that they can exple the same planets.
????Exple travel histy  save favite planets
????Enter codinates manually to exple the procedural universe
????Shuffle to go to a planet at rom codinates
????Infinite rom 3D interactive space themed wallpapers!

Tabiverse is a procedurally generated universe in your browser new tab. Every time you open a new tab, you are telepted to a procedural planet in space with rom terrains, oceans, atmosphere,  biomes. The rom planets, stars, gas giants,  asteroids provide you an infinite number of 3D space themed wallpaper f your new tab. Since every planet is rendered in 3D, the space wallpapers are interactive! You are able to move the camera freely to exple the planets in space. Each planet in space comes with its own unique name  stats such as temperature  habitability. 

Currently, there are three types of celestial space object in the Tabiverse: planets, stars, gas giants,  asteroids. Each space object might have a ring  moons. We are adding me space objects such as black holes  space anomalies very soon. You are also able to save  share your planet codinates with your friends so that they can exple the same planets. Me features such as an account system  multiplayer are also in the wks.

Follow us on Twitter  join us on Discd to share feedback  get the latest news:

Version  Feb 27th, 2020
 Made the gas giants planet ring align with its planets axis
 Made planet bit cameras animation base on time instead of fps
 Animations no longer skip frames when tab is in the background

Version  Feb 23rd, 2020
 Added a br new type of celestial object: gas giants!
 Added multiverse system to preserve planets in the past versions
 Removed FPS setting. FPS is now as high as possible (synced to your monits refresh rate)
 Made "initial zoom animation" default to false

Version  Feb 13th, 2020
 Added uninstall feedback fm
 Perfmance optimizations

Version  Feb 3rd, 2020
 Changed x, y, z codinates to alpha, beta, gamma symbols in planet info page
 Indicated that the extension should wk offline

Version  Jan 27th, 2020
 Limited x, y, z codinates to from 9999.99 to 9999.99
 Added planet booklet (top left) widget f checking planet histy  bookmarks
 You are able to view the past 50 planets you have travelled
 You are able to bookmark up to 50 planets

Version  Dec 30th, 2019
 Added rom shuffle button to go to a rom planet
 Added planet info scanner (currently shows name, habitability, temperature, type,  codinates)
 Added seamless planet transitions
 Move camera further if planet has a ring, so the planet isnt too big
 Switches to a br new font that is smooth  consistent across browsers
 Make ocean ridge planets me ridged
 Fixes seams  planet faces due to inconsistent nmals
 Fixes some bugs regarding moons rendering

Version  Dec 8th, 2019
 Added rings! Rom ocean planets will have rings generated
 Added moons! Planets  asteroids have a chance to generate biting moons
 Added "Native Resolution" option to display HD graphics f retina displays. This setting can be computationally intense
 Changed default FPS to 60 

Version  Nov 14th, 2019
 Fix a bug that prevents share link from being copied

Version  Nov 8th, 2019
 Disable camera controls during animation
 Move all stars further away from the planet, so no stars are right beside the planet anyme
 Launch of
 Added a share button on the top right cner. Your friends can view your planets without the extension through the link!

Version  Oct 28th, 2019
 Shten title to Tabiverse so the URL bar isnt obstructed as much
 Add a small damping effect to the camera rotation

Version  Oct 16th, 2019
 Add initial zoom back as a setting (defaults to true) 

Version  Oct. 16th, 2019
 Enabled camera rotation  zoom using mouse
 New celestial object: stars
 Planets should overall look me aesthetic
 Disabled zoom animation on page load to save loading time
 Improved planet transition animation
 Me rom planet types! (isls  ridged)

Version  Oct. 2nd, 2019
 Initial Release

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