TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech

TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech

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TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech插件简介

TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech(扩展包名:pakknklefcjdhejnffafpeelofiekebg)由 开发,最新版本1.32.5 于 2020年9月24日 更新。 TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech 属于生产工具分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Read out loud any page, directly from within the page

TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech插件描述

Enhance your Chrome with inpage speech capabilities.
Listen to news, wiki articles & me, directly on their websites.

Reads any website, without having to copy text  leave the website.

NEW: keyboard shtcuts: play/pause by clicking shift+alt+downArrow

Including readabilitymode. Transfm your page to maincontenttext only. Remove clutter  focus on the article. Together 
 with customizable font size  printerfriendly options.

Main Features:
Reading whole pages
Select text on the page > right mouse click menu > read selection
Edit the text to be read
Remembers text  caret position  so you can pause  later continue. 
Marks the currently read sentence, so you can follow the reading.

Multilingual / accents.

all your website reading needs in a simple, efficient  intuitive manner! The extension is super simple to use , a professional text to speech. The extension allows f instant reading of text with natural sounding voices, directly from within any website. 
The extensions icon will be placed right on your Chromes toolbar, so it will always be available without exiting your wking tab. In addition, you can simply select the text you want to be read,  click "Speak" right from the popup context menu upon the rightmouseclick.

Full offline suppt
The ttsreader chrome extension has a set features  functionality that allow you to control  customize your listening experience.
	•	Choose a language ( accent) from a list.
	•	Control  vary dictation speeds
	•	Play  pause buttons
	•	Reset reader button
	•	Load/Reload page text
	•	Load the text into a textbox  follow with the assist of highlighted segments
	•	Hear text via selection  use of the right click menu!
	•	Listen  continue browsing on other sites.
Uses of the TTSreader extenstion:
	•	While wking, listen to interesting articles  books
	•	TTSReader allows f listening to written content while doing something else. 
	•	Educational f Kids
	•	Aid f people with difficulties in reading
	•	Narrating & dubbing movies, presentations & me
Ttsreader is particularly suited f content based websites, eg Wikipedia articles.
Privacy: We at value your privacy,  thats why we do not ste anything you type  any other data about you.
F additional info & feedback, please contact us at [email protected], 
F TTSReader f PCs, iOS (on Safari), desktops, laptops, go to
Enjoy listening!


TTSReaderX In-Page Text to Speech插件安装方法




4.下载 TTSReaderX In-Page Text to SpeechChrome插件v1.32.5版本到本地。




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