Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

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当前版本 1.0.5
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所属分类 无障碍插件
更新时间 2020年1月13日
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Ultimate Volume Booster插件简介

Ultimate Volume Booster(扩展包名:kaganfmfchlbdifnggkfjjkccecmeklk)由 开发,最新版本1.0.5 于 2020年1月13日 更新。 Ultimate Volume Booster 属于无障碍分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Feel your audio at the new level.Ultimate Volume Booster浏览器扩展插件属于无障碍分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

Ultimate Volume Booster插件描述

One of the most reliable   easiest  volume booster in the chrome browser.

If your speakers  headphones dont reproduce sufficient sound volume f comftable listening to music  watching video content  use our app as a speaker amplifier, setting the volume level settings to me than 600%.

Just regulate the sound in the current web tab through the slider.

  ✅  Level up sound me than 600% in 4 steps
  ✅ Simple  clear design
  ✅ Only one click to boost the sound 
  ✅ Turn off automatically in nmal mode 
? Full screen
Chrome prevents you from going to a complete fullscreen when using any extension manipulating with sound so you can always see the blue rectangle icon in the tab bar (to be aware of audio is being manipulated). 
Theres no way to bypass it  after all its a good thing that keeps you safe. However you can improve the situation a bit by pressing F11 (on Windows)  Ctr+Cmd+F (on Mac).

? Permissions explained
"Read  change all your data on the websites you visit": to be able to connect to  modify AudioContext of any website playing audio  to show list of all tabs playing audio

? If you like our extension, please rate us, put 5 stars! Thanks f using.

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