Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab

Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab

Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab
Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab
Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab
Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab
Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab

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所属分类 照片插件
更新时间 2021年7月4日
开发者 freeaddon.com
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Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab插件简介

Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab(扩展包名:fkgdgboeloaeilghnhaofhgmpnihnpmn)由 freeaddon.com 开发,最新版本0.1.9.6 于 2021年7月4日 更新。 Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab 属于照片插件分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Volcano Wallpapers New Tab is custom newtab themes with hd volcanoes wallpaper backgrounds. Join all FreeAddon newtab.

Volcano Backgrounds Volcanoes Custom NewTab插件描述

Volcano HD Backgrounds new tab is a newtab extension that offer a vast library of Volcanoes wallpaper f FREE. 

Thank you f installing one of FreeAddon New Tab extensions  one of the most popular new tab brs. 

Our top priity is to give your Chrome browser tons of beaufiful Volcano wallpapers, as well as useful features f your daily life. 

Lets check out this Volcanoes extension  see what it offers: After installing our Volcano newtab, a lot of features will be added to your new tab page. This extension is entirely free  you will instantly gain access to our vast wallpaper collection  all features currently available. 

Heres the details of all features that you will get in this Volcanoes HD backgrounds new tab extension: 
 You will enjoy the best Volcano wallpaper collection including ggeous images hpicked by us. 
 Other FreeAddon extensions also synced with this Dragon Ball new tab, simply install other FreeAddon extensions  allow Rom All Newtabs.. 
 You can also enable cute animations such as rain, snowflakes, firewks on your Volcanoes new tab. 
 We have added the Date  Time feature in the lower right cner of Volcano browser. 
 Browse the internet to your heart content with Google search (Dont wry, we do NOT change your search engine) 
 F your convenience, Note, Todo list, & Countdown clock are added f you to use. 
 Volcanoes new tab provides quicker access to your most visited sites, Google Apps, & popular sites like Facebook. 

Dear users, thanks to your great feedback, we are constantly updating the Volcano new tab extension. We will add new features in the future,  your Volcanoes wallpaper extension will automatically get updated f free. 

At FreeAddon, we always value your feedback f Dragon Ball extensions we have developed  we are constantly improving our extensions in this direction. 

If you have any new ideas  suggestions f Volcano extension, feel free to let us know you by hovering on Suppt on the new tab screen, then click Feedback. 

In  you wish to remove Volcanoes new tabs, heres how: 
1. Click the 3dot icon at the topright cner of your screen 
2. Hover your mouse on Me tools then click Extensions 
3. Find the Volcano HD backgrounds new tab extension 
4. Press ""Remove"" 

Simply rightclick the Volcanoes extension icon on the extension bar (next to the URL bar)  select Remove from Chrome... 

If you like this Volcano wallpaper new tab extension, let us know what you think by giving comments 
And if you like what we do with Volcanoes wallpaper new tab extension, check out other FreeAddon extensions that are also available on the CWS! 
Thank you!!!

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