Yoti Password Manager

Yoti Password Manager

Yoti Password Manager
Yoti Password Manager
Yoti Password Manager
Yoti Password Manager
Yoti Password Manager

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Yoti Password Manager简介

Yoti Password Manager(扩展包名:ajgehecfkfhindkhdcjmifbngkfdflla)由 https://www.yoti.com 开发,最新版本1.12.0.162 于 2019年3月8日 更新。 Yoti Password Manager 属于生产工具分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
A secure, simple to use passwd manager. No master passwd means you never need to remember a passwd again.

Yoti Password Manager描述

Yoti Passwd Manager helps you:

  Access  use your login details without having to remember any passwds.
  Easily access  use your login details using passwd manager across multiple platfms  devices.
  Automatically fill in your login details f you when you visit your favourite websites.
  Generate strong, unique passwds f each of your online accounts using passwd manager.
  Automatically lock your login details to keep them safe when you’re away from your computer.

You need the free Yoti app to use Yoti Passwd Manager. It’s how we ensure that you,  only you, can access  use your passwds. The Yoti app is the new way to prove who you are, giving you a trusted digital identity to use online  in person. You can use the Yoti app to securely connect to, unlock  lock Yoti Passwd Manager as  when you want to.

Over 2 million people have already downloaded the Yoti app, with thouss me downloading every day. Just search Yoti in the iOS  Android app stes.

Keeping your data safe is our highest priity. To protect every piece of infmation you give us when you register your Yoti account – whether it be your photo, date of birth, address  passwds – we scramble it with AES 256bit encryption. The private keys that unlock your data are sted on your device. Nobody else, not even Yoti, can access these keys.

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4.下载 Yoti Password ManagerChrome插件v1.12.0.162版本到本地。




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