Retro Arcade Classic Games

Retro Arcade Classic Games

Retro Arcade Classic Games

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Retro Arcade Classic Games插件简介

Retro Arcade Classic Games(扩展包名:hnaenmhgjlogfiaikmlieimdpjdmbfgh)由 开发,最新版本1.0.3 于 2021年3月5日 更新。 Retro Arcade Classic Games 属于游戏娱乐分类。

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Play 2048, Contra, Pac man other classic games in browser f free, while surfing the web! Play flash games online without…

Retro Arcade Classic Games插件描述

Hello there!

2048  Now You Can Play The Famous 2048 Puzzle Game Directly From Chrome Browser!

The 2048 addictive puzzle game is at your chrome browser,  its totally free!
Now you can play 2048 game directly from your browser with a single click only! We promise you that the 2048 game/extension will always be free,  you could play as much as you want, no limits whatsoever! The only thing you need to do is to install it  click on the icon, then the puzzle game will open.

What else:
With this extension you are able to play Super Contra, Flappy Bird, Pac  Man  other flash games with the click of a button!

Play Chromes Dino game without disconnecting to the Internet.
Click the Chrome Dino button at a line with games  start playing the game.

Welcome to the funniest  most addictive game ever  2048!
With this extension, you can play the popular game directly from your chrome browser page  by opening the extension itself in a popunder.

Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy,  calculation  involves a degree of chance.To play the game, all you have to do is to click on the GeoGuessr extension icon after installing, scroll to MahJong icon, click it  the game starts!

Slither. Just start, pick a nickname  begin to grow your snake. It is so much fun. Maybe you will see a very long snake, be careful, it might drive you into a cner  make you destroy.

Drop a line in comments what games do you want to see in a list.

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4.下载 Retro Arcade Classic GamesChrome插件v1.0.3版本到本地。






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