Axie infinity breed cost calculator

Axie infinity breed cost calculator

Axie infinity breed cost calculator
Axie infinity breed cost calculator

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Axie infinity breed cost calculator插件简介

Axie infinity breed cost calculator(扩展包名:kgmmhclhhlkaecmhmfpkcdkamohealeh)由 开发,最新版本1.1.0 于 2022年1月4日 更新。 Axie infinity breed cost calculator 属于游戏娱乐分类。

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Calculates the cost of breeding in Axie Infinity at the current time f a variety of fiat currencies.

Axie infinity breed cost calculator插件描述

With the prices of slp, axs  ethereum changing constantly it is imptant to have access to accurate prices at any given time. 
This extension shows the current prices of a number of crypto  paper money currencies, as well as calculating the cost of breeding in eth  usd f Axie Infinity players.

The extension gets prices from Binance f slp  axs in ethereum  USD,  ethereum in USD  another suppted currencies.

The extension calculates the cost of breeding two axies of the same breed count together. There are 3 columns, individual, total  average. Individual refers to the cost of that specific breed. Total is how much it costs to breed from 0 to that count,  average is the total divided by the breed count.

Depending on the speed of your internet  the state of Binance, the numbers may take me time to fully load in.

Thanks f using my extension, please rate it if you find its useful!

1.1: Click on the breed cost table f AXS  SLP costs, added perfmance optimisations  sessions
1.0.3: Updated SLP  AXS costs to reflect new breed costs 8/12/2021
1.0.2: Added additional currencies, selected options will now save  sessions
1.0.1: Updated SLP  AXS costs to reflect new breed costs 23/09/2021

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