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更新时间 2022年10月17日
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Codebreaker AI插件简介

Codebreaker AI(扩展包名:bkbfgnfgfhehoafhdhkeggmpgfilennk)由 开发,最新版本3.0.6 于 2022年10月17日 更新。 Codebreaker AI 属于社交通讯分类。

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Use Codebreaker AI on LinkedIn to decode your prospects personality predict their buying behavi to close sales in less time.

Codebreaker AI插件描述

Increase sales conversions by customizing your communications  negotiations f each prospects BANKCODE. Take the guesswk out of prospecting  sales calls with new clients  customers by decoding Why They Buy. Codebreaker AI is the exclusive app that uncovers your prospects BANKCODE in just 1 click. This scientifically validated sales methodology helps predict buying behavi to increase sales conversions.

• Decode your prospect’s buying style on LinkedIn profiles in just 1 click.
• Learn sales tips, triggers  power wds to optimize calls, meetings  emails.
• Crack your prospect’s BANKCODE  take it to the BANK.

Our team is dedicated to upholding research  analytics best practices to ensure you get results you can depend on. In fact, Dr. Ryan T. Howell, the head of the Analytics division, is also a respected profess of psychology at San Francisco State University  has been conducting research into the relationship  personality  buying behavi f over 15 years.


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4.34MiB 城通网盘


4.33MiB 城通网盘


4.33MiB 城通网盘


4.33MiB 城通网盘