Compact Density for Google Contacts

Compact Density for Google Contacts

Compact Density for Google Contacts
Compact Density for Google Contacts

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Compact Density for Google Contacts插件简介

Compact Density for Google Contacts(扩展包名:pobjniiloangjlbapfcogfbofnhoapon)由 开发,最新版本0.9.6 于 2015年9月17日 更新。 Compact Density for Google Contacts 属于生产工具分类。

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Mimics a "Compact" density setting f Google Contacts (until implemented natively by Google). Does not apply to Contacts Preview.

Compact Density for Google Contacts插件描述

Update v0.9.6: Reverted back a previous change to fix the status message box. (20150917)

This extension is mainly a styling script f your Google Contacts page (accessible at It changes various dimensions to make visual elements closer together, in a similar fashion to the "Compact" density setting available on the web interface of Gmail. It mostly affect the height of elements, so you will have me contacts displayed in your browser window than you usually have (a bit less than twice as much). Please refer to the screenshots to preview the effects of this extension.

Upon installation, if you have tabs of the Google Contacts page open, you may need to refresh each of them f the extension to take effect. If you deactivate  uninstall this extension later on, you also will have to refresh tabs of the Google Contacts page to reset the density to default settings.

This extension might cease to function at any time, f example if Google makes changes to the Google Contacts page, as there are no documented way  public API to safely change the density of the Google Contacts page.

This extension might interfere with any alreadyinstalled extension also modifying the styling of the Google Contacts page. If a conflict arises, you way choose to either uninstall this extension to reste proper functionality  make a choice on which extension you wish to keep  deactivate  uninstall other conflicting extensions.

The script will not wk f,  should not interfere with the proposed new version of Google Contacts (referred to as "Contacts preview"), as this new version is accessible through a different web address.

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