Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator

Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator

Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator
Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator
Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator

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Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator插件简介

Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator(扩展包名:jelihfjkpgedaiilnpbiopacilgiclbc)由 开发,最新版本0.3.0 于 2019年1月15日 更新。 Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator 属于游戏娱乐分类。

🌹 这个应用程序可以在 ChromeFK 或 Google Chrome 网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。
Creates miqo crafting scenariosMiqo Crafting Scenario Generator浏览器扩展插件属于游戏娱乐分类。此应用程序可以在ChromeFK或Google Chrome网上应用商店进行下载。 ChromeFK上的所有插件扩展文件都是原始文件,并且 100% 安全,下载速度快。

Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator插件描述

@Lyfox: What this script does is simply parsing the webpage on your screen, extracting jobs, recipe names,  how many to craft. My personal investment is sting by level  by dependency. The website likes to put reagents in weird der like Holy Rainbow Cloth – Holy Water. My script detects  reverts the wrong der.
And what is also cool is that website has all languages suppt. My script doesnt care about languages it parses names as they are so you get the crect scenario f Miqobot regardless.

I think Miqo said there will be something similar in Miqobot one day. But until then – youre welcome

How to use: 
1. Go to recipe book: http://ffxivcrafting.com/recipes . Use search by name  button on the right to make your crafting list.
2. Go to your crafting list: http://ffxivcrafting.com/list . Press the green button “Craft These Items”.
3. Go through sections #1  #2  upload these into your inventy. If youre a hoarder like me you should have everything in your retainers. Click on those youve obtained its a cool visual progress.
4. Press the "=ㅇㅅㅇ=" button at the top of the page.
5. Paste the script into your miqo scenario
6. Run scenario, sit back as Miqo crafts everything f you :D


Miqo Crafting Scenario Generator插件离线安装方法




4.下载 Miqo Crafting Scenario GeneratorChrome插件v0.3.0版本到本地。






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