Natural Reader Text to Speech

Natural Reader Text to Speech

Natural Reader Text to Speech
Natural Reader Text to Speech
Natural Reader Text to Speech

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当前版本 6.0.4
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更新时间 2023年1月30日
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Natural Reader Text to Speech插件简介

Natural Reader Text to Speech(扩展包名:kohfgcgbkjodfcfkcackpagifgbcmimk)由 开发,最新版本6.0.4 于 2023年1月30日 更新。 Natural Reader Text to Speech 属于生产工具分类。

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Listen to any email, webpage, google doc, PDF kindle book! AI powered smart voice reader, with natural voices.

Natural Reader Text to Speech插件描述

Listen to your webpages  Google Docs with NaturalReader!

*NEW* to NaturalReader is this Chrome extension! Change the speaker/speed  listen directly to webpages  Google Docs. Sit back, relax, press play,  enjoy having your articles, emails,  news read aloud to you.

★ As it’s reading, the text on the webpage is highlighted so you can easily follow along!

★ NaturalReader can read directly from Google Docs!

★ Create audio MP3 files to listen to on your favourite device.

★ Never be bed with the same voices againNaturalReader includes access to 57 natural sounding voices from 9 different languages ( growing!)

★ NaturalReader is SMART! Automatic text detection to retrieves only relevant text from webpages, avoiding annoying ads  menu text.

★ Free Voices are available f all users. Premium Voices are available to free users f up to 20 minutes/ day.

*Add it to Chrome now f free~*
(you dont need to signup to download the free version!)

*Premium Features:*

Access to the NaturalReader Chrome extension is included with all paid subscriptions to NaturalReader Online’s Web Premium  Premium Plus plans. F me infmation about NaturalReader Online, please visit our website:

 Users with paid subscriptions to NaturalReader Online can login through the extension to unlock:
      + Unlimited Premium  Plus Voices
      + Convert webpage contents directly to mp3

*What is NaturalReader Online?*

From Naturalsoft Ltd, NaturalReader Online is a texttospeech web application with high quality premium voices f personal use. Login from your browser to convert any written text such as Wd, PDF files,  nonDRM eBooks into spoken natural sounding speech:


 Premium  Plus access is only available with paid subscriptions to NaturalReader Online. It is not available to purchase by itself.
 F me texttospeech options, visit our website at
By installing the extension, you agree to Naturalsoft Ltd’s User Agreement (

Version 2.0.0 Updates:
Bug Fixes:
 Google voices stop after synthesizing f 16 seconds
 Highlighting disappears in the middle of the page with certain webpages
 Text extraction issue with certain webpages
 Page turning blank after reading a while with certain webpages
 Cant read .docx files opened in Google Docss preview mode

New features / modifications:
 Highlighting exact sentence  wd being read
 Hotkeys (extension activation, play/pause, stop, fward,  rewind)
 Howto guide
 Autotrack text toggle moved to the reading text panel. Single click to set it ON/OFF; double click the autotrack text toggle to relocate to the tab  text being read
 Dyslexic font toggle moved to the reading text panel
 Draggable  clickable progress bar
 Reading in Google Drive Preview
 Added voices that we dont suppt text processing f to the "Other" section in the free voice list

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