Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots
Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots
Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots
Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

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Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots插件简介

Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots(扩展包名:okfkdaglfjjjfefdcppliegebpoegaii)由 开发,最新版本2.2.6 于 2023年4月19日 更新。 Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots 属于生产工具分类。

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Autogenerate stepbystep guides, just by clicking recd. Save your team 20+ hours/month vs. video text tutials.

Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots插件描述

Autogenerate stepbystep guides f FREE. Scribe saves any team 20+ hours a month with instant process documentation, complete with text  screenshots. 

All you have to do is click “recd”  go through the process you want to share. Scribe monits your clicks  keystrokes to instantly create your guide. Answer questions, build SOPs  train teammates FAST.  

✅ Save time: Document your processes 15x faster. No me writing steps  uploading screenshots.
✅ Spread knowledge: Find answers to your questions 67% faster.
✅ Increase success: Boost your team’s productivity by 25%. 

▶ Automatically generated stepbystep guides
▶ Customizable text, steps,  images
▶ Oneclick sharing
▶ Easy embed in any knowledge base  CMS
▶ Autoredaction f sensitive infmation
▶ Enterprisegrade security  controls

▶ Stepbystep instructions
▶ Stard Operating Procedures (SOP)
▶ Wk instructions
▶ Screenshot annotations
▶ Process documentation
▶ Training manuals
▶ Knowledge sharing
▶ Much me!

Scribe is a fast, easy  efficient way to document  share a process to anyone, anywhere. 

▶ Chrome Ste: Edit’s Pick (Productivity)
▶ G2 High Perfmer: Screen  Video Capture; Wk Instructions; SOPs
▶ Hive: 20 Productivity Apps f 2022
▶ Clickup: Best Chrome Extensions f Productivity in 2022
▶ Whatfix: Best Software Documentation Tools f 2022

"Scribe is so easy to use f SOPs. It creates stepbystep instructions as you click  type in fields. This is a gamechanger when it comes to writing SOPs!"  Todd Z., Customer Success Consultant 

“Scribe is probably the easiest "needle mover" f growing our company. Even after anointing a ‘Training Czar’ to document wkflows, progress was slow  we couldnt scale our operations that quickly. We are now churning out simple, engaging trainings f our people at 35x the rate we were befe.”  Jyot B., Managing Partner

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